Utilize a Greenhouse Kit to Create Your Own Organic Garden

Sometimes it’s disappointing to wander the organic produce aisle. The wilting greens and small tomatoes, shipped from miles away, are often quite unappealing. Instead, the most economic and healthy way to add these organic power foods to your diet may be to create an indoor organic garden.

Have you ever considered your own indoor garden?

greenhouse gardeningWhy build an indoor garden? There are many benefits. The color green is rejuvenating, especially after spending half an hour shoveling snow off of your driveway. Plants add more oxygen to your home’s air and consume the carbon dioxide. Additionally, if you are concerned about pesticides and insecticides, you can finally relax. You are in control of your own garden. No pesticides or insecticides will be used unless you decide to do so. Plus, you can have fresh produce at an excellent price year-round.

organic vegetablesIf you want to pick fresh produce from the windowsill instead of the grocery store aisle, it’s time to build a garden in your home. Many gardens don’t require much equipment. The basic components of a garden are sunlight, a container for the plants and dirt, and water. Containers can be the fancy ceramic pots from the hardware store or an old storage container. It’s up to you. The secret is to put the right number of plants in each container. For example, tomatoes need quite a bit of space to grow and prosper, like an 8-inch diameter pot per tomato. If you have less space, herbs might be a good alternative. You can put multiple herbs in a small container. Sprouts are also a good alternative for those with less space.

Greenhouse Gardening Tips From The Pros

There’s no room in my house, so how can I do an indoor garden?

On the flip side, if you have more space, you can have more garden. If your windowsill is getting full of leafy greens, it may be time to expand to a greenhouse. These small sheds, made of clear plastic or glass, are an ideal way to grow organic produce year-round. The clear exterior allows light to reach the inside. Stacking plants on shelves is possible because the light will still reach those on the bottom. Greenhouses often stay warm on their own, due to the sunlight beaming through the roof and walls. However, in cold times, they might require a small heater. But, for many, greenhouse kits are an opportunity to expand your garden, offering much more room for growth than a simple windowsill.

self-grown organic produceWith so many options available, why are so many of us still wandering the grocery store in search of organic produce? Gardens do require a bit of set-up work, but they give so much back in return. Your effort is paid back in the form of delicious organic produce.