Enjoying Your Backyard, Even On The Hottest Days of Summer

beach side resort

Turn your Backyard into a Beachside Resort

Through the long winter months, your backyard may have turned into a patchy, yellow collection of various weeds and grasses. However, as summer returns, this is an opportunity to turn that wasteland into your own getaway, a five-star resort just feet from your house. 

Think of the all the amenities of a beach resort: the warm sand, the sound of the water, the long chairs, the covered patios. These can be recreated in your backyard without too much hassle. To create a beach-like atmosphere, let’s start with the water and sand. Like visiting any resort, you can go for a 1-star atmosphere or a 5-star atmosphere. It would be possible to transform your backyard into a pool with sand along the edges. But let’s stick with the cheaper options here, aiming for a 3-star resort atmosphere. 


sandIt’s easy to buy sand in bulk. Sand is available at any home improvement store. They will even give you tips on how to create a play-sand area. You won’t have to tell them that its for the grownups. Then, in your own backyard, you can dig your feet into the sand, feel the sun on your face, close your eyes and image the sound of waves crashing. 


poolWhile you might not be able to re-create waves crashing in your backyard, there are other options. Part of the appeal of a beach resort is the ability to wade through the water, with the hot sun on your back and cool water around your calves. This is possible to replicate with a small plastic wading pool. If you’re a more adventurous type, a collection of duct-taped garbage bags with a hose running over them can become a mini-water park in your backyard.


pool chairsThose long, lounging pool chairs always make people think of a resort on the ocean. But those chairs are available to purchase for the rest of us as well. To save money, you can check out Craiglist for old patio furniture. There are also do-it-yourself options. With a chair buried in the sand and the sound of hose water filling your pool, you’re on your way to enjoying your backyard resort. 


shade sailAlthough the sun is a staple of summer, one of the best things about resorts is the ability to escape it. Those giant sun-stopping umbrellas are everywhere. Your backyard resort can have those too. But, the real resorts have employees that put up and take down the umbrellas everyday. You can save yourself some time by purchasing a more permanent option, a shade sail (like the ones we saw on our vacation in France by https://voiledombragefrance.fr/). String a shade sail across your porch or between two trees and you’ll have a permanent sun escape for the whole summer.

Sure, it’s always fun to go to a beach resort. But some summers are better spent in your own backyard. Why not mesh the two, and create a beach retreat, complete with sand, water, chairs and shade, only a few feet away from your house?