Decorating Your Homestead by Bringing Nature Indoors with Natural Decorations

plants and books in a window sealDecorating with natural materials and patterns seems to bring some of nature’s allure into your home. While a sleek modern plastic arrangement might make you salivate, a natural wooden and fruit arrangement is more likely to relax your visitors. With natural decor, you can really settle into your home. It’s warm, comforting and many of these materials are cheaper or more eco-friendly than modern alternatives. Here are some ways that you can incorporate nature into your home.


succulent trioIndoor gardens are a simple way to literally bring nature inside. In the video below, the host describes her room as static and dull until she brought plants inside. When she removed them for watering and a dose of sunlight, her whole room seemed less dynamic. With them, her space sparkles with movement.

You can include both flowering plants for color or a mix of palms and cacti for interesting texture variations. Useful herbs like basil and mint provide a vibrant green color as well as a refreshing scent.

Natural Fabric and Motifs

In some cases, the simple undyed colors of natural bamboo or hemp can bring warmth to a room. For a pop of color, you can consider adding some fabrics with a natural motif. Floral patterns can be soothing and yet eye catching. The more abstract the pattern looks, the more sophisticated it may seem. Bedding with other nature images like birds and branches can be both modern and comforting.

Natural Accents

antler chandelier in cabinAccents are a fun way to bring nature indoors. They can be as simple as setting a piece of driftwood on a stack of books or as complex as purchasing a beautiful antler chandelier. Take advantage of the materials that you have near you. A slat of a barn door can be re-purposed as a gorgeous table runner. Add some fruits and branches to turn it into a centerpiece. Interweaving modern and natural is an updated way to be both comfortable and a bit trendy. Think a modern vase with moss or flowers or a hot pad made of river rocks.

tillandsiaA room that seems static or dull can be brought to life with natural materials. The flowing textures of plants inspire movement. Invite color into your space with natural motifs and fabrics. Accents can bring nature into your space with subtlety or pizzazz. A wooden table runner might eventually catch the eye of guests, but none will be able to ignore a antler chandelier. Accents can be easily matched to your preferences. With so many options, it’s easy to invite nature into your home.