Backyard Improvement Ideas: Gardens, Gazebos, Clay Chimineas, & More!

potato gardenAs the days grow longer and small green plants start appearing, many people start itching to get outside and begin the Summer. One way to satisfy this urge for the outdoors is to create a spring sanctuary in the backyard. The first idea that comes to mind is always gardening. Spring is an excellent time to plant for the Summer. Gardening can be a lot of work, so it’s also nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the effects of a home garden. Adding a few key elements to a backyard allows gardeners to watch their buds grow in comfort.

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The first key item is rain protection. Spring is rainy in many areas of the world, so relaxing in comfort requires a structure to shelter from the rain. Covered patios are a nice for those who can afford to add structures to their home. A retractable awning can be effective for light rain. Both these options are fairly expensive and labor intensive, but they are permanent and work for years. A cheaper but temporary option for rain protection is a tent. For only a few hundred dollars, people can purchase gazebo-like tents, which have long poles and a high ceiling. These are perfect for the backyard because people can stand up and move around inside them. Tents take a few minutes to set up, but provide a large area of dry space anywhere in the backyard.

chiminea and benchSpring evenings can also be chilly, but there are ways to warm up. There are many options for rustic, but safe, outdoor fires. Copper fire pits are a popular choice for building fires in backyards. Another option is clay chimineas. Originally from Mexico, these clay structures are enclosed and have a short chimney for the fire inside. In addition to providing warmth, both fire pits and chimineas are great accents for the backyard and can also be used for outdoor cooking over a fire. Unfortunately, due to the smoke, they are not intended to be used under a covered porch or gazebo if you intend to actually place active fires in them.

patio ideasOn clear nights, with a bonfire blazing in a nearby copper fire pit, it’s tempting to eat outdoors. Patio sets, containing a table and four chairs, can be expensive. However, there are always second-hand options. Crafty people can make secondhand patio furniture comfortable by adding personalized cushions in colorful patterns. Gardeners can eat dinner by firelight with a beautiful background of tulips and other spring flowers.

Many people focus on improving their gardens in the spring without any hope of enjoying them until the summer. Late spring flowers can be incredibly beautiful. Why not enjoy them? For a small investment in rain protection and a fire pit, gardeners can start enjoying their gardens months earlier.