Decorating Your Homestead by Bringing Nature Indoors with Natural Decorations

plants and books in a window sealDecorating with natural materials and patterns seems to bring some of nature’s allure into your home. While a sleek modern plastic arrangement might make you salivate, a natural wooden and fruit arrangement is more likely to relax your visitors. With natural decor, you can really settle into your home. It’s warm, comforting and many of these materials are cheaper or more eco-friendly than modern alternatives. Here are some ways that you can incorporate nature into your home.


succulent trioIndoor gardens are a simple way to literally bring nature inside. In the video below, the host describes her room as static and dull until she brought plants inside. When she removed them for watering and a dose of sunlight, her whole room seemed less dynamic. With them, her space sparkles with movement.

You can include both flowering plants for color or a mix of palms and cacti for interesting texture variations. Useful herbs like basil and mint provide a vibrant green color as well as a refreshing scent.

Natural Fabric and Motifs

In some cases, the simple undyed colors of natural bamboo or hemp can bring warmth to a room. For a pop of color, you can consider adding some fabrics with a natural motif. Floral patterns can be soothing and yet eye catching. The more abstract the pattern looks, the more sophisticated it may seem. Bedding with other nature images like birds and branches can be both modern and comforting.

Natural Accents

antler chandelier in cabinAccents are a fun way to bring nature indoors. They can be as simple as setting a piece of driftwood on a stack of books or as complex as purchasing a beautiful antler chandelier. Take advantage of the materials that you have near you. A slat of a barn door can be re-purposed as a gorgeous table runner. Add some fruits and branches to turn it into a centerpiece. Interweaving modern and natural is an updated way to be both comfortable and a bit trendy. Think a modern vase with moss or flowers or a hot pad made of river rocks.

tillandsiaA room that seems static or dull can be brought to life with natural materials. The flowing textures of plants inspire movement. Invite color into your space with natural motifs and fabrics. Accents can bring nature into your space with subtlety or pizzazz. A wooden table runner might eventually catch the eye of guests, but none will be able to ignore a antler chandelier. Accents can be easily matched to your preferences. With so many options, it’s easy to invite nature into your home.

Utilize a Greenhouse Kit to Create Your Own Organic Garden

Sometimes it’s disappointing to wander the organic produce aisle. The wilting greens and small tomatoes, shipped from miles away, are often quite unappealing. Instead, the most economic and healthy way to add these organic power foods to your diet may be to create an indoor organic garden.

Have you ever considered your own indoor garden?

greenhouse gardeningWhy build an indoor garden? There are many benefits. The color green is rejuvenating, especially after spending half an hour shoveling snow off of your driveway. Plants add more oxygen to your home’s air and consume the carbon dioxide. Additionally, if you are concerned about pesticides and insecticides, you can finally relax. You are in control of your own garden. No pesticides or insecticides will be used unless you decide to do so. Plus, you can have fresh produce at an excellent price year-round.

organic vegetablesIf you want to pick fresh produce from the windowsill instead of the grocery store aisle, it’s time to build a garden in your home. Many gardens don’t require much equipment. The basic components of a garden are sunlight, a container for the plants and dirt, and water. Containers can be the fancy ceramic pots from the hardware store or an old storage container. It’s up to you. The secret is to put the right number of plants in each container. For example, tomatoes need quite a bit of space to grow and prosper, like an 8-inch diameter pot per tomato. If you have less space, herbs might be a good alternative. You can put multiple herbs in a small container. Sprouts are also a good alternative for those with less space.

Greenhouse Gardening Tips From The Pros

There’s no room in my house, so how can I do an indoor garden?

On the flip side, if you have more space, you can have more garden. If your windowsill is getting full of leafy greens, it may be time to expand to a greenhouse. These small sheds, made of clear plastic or glass, are an ideal way to grow organic produce year-round. The clear exterior allows light to reach the inside. Stacking plants on shelves is possible because the light will still reach those on the bottom. Greenhouses often stay warm on their own, due to the sunlight beaming through the roof and walls. However, in cold times, they might require a small heater. But, for many, greenhouse kits are an opportunity to expand your garden, offering much more room for growth than a simple windowsill.

self-grown organic produceWith so many options available, why are so many of us still wandering the grocery store in search of organic produce? Gardens do require a bit of set-up work, but they give so much back in return. Your effort is paid back in the form of delicious organic produce.

Backyard Improvement Ideas: Gardens, Gazebos, Clay Chimineas, & More!

potato gardenAs the days grow longer and small green plants start appearing, many people start itching to get outside and begin the Summer. One way to satisfy this urge for the outdoors is to create a spring sanctuary in the backyard. The first idea that comes to mind is always gardening. Spring is an excellent time to plant for the Summer. Gardening can be a lot of work, so it’s also nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the effects of a home garden. Adding a few key elements to a backyard allows gardeners to watch their buds grow in comfort.

Watch this gardening tips video

The first key item is rain protection. Spring is rainy in many areas of the world, so relaxing in comfort requires a structure to shelter from the rain. Covered patios are a nice for those who can afford to add structures to their home. A retractable awning can be effective for light rain. Both these options are fairly expensive and labor intensive, but they are permanent and work for years. A cheaper but temporary option for rain protection is a tent. For only a few hundred dollars, people can purchase gazebo-like tents, which have long poles and a high ceiling. These are perfect for the backyard because people can stand up and move around inside them. Tents take a few minutes to set up, but provide a large area of dry space anywhere in the backyard.

chiminea and benchSpring evenings can also be chilly, but there are ways to warm up. There are many options for rustic, but safe, outdoor fires. Copper fire pits are a popular choice for building fires in backyards. Another option is clay chimineas. Originally from Mexico, these clay structures are enclosed and have a short chimney for the fire inside. In addition to providing warmth, both fire pits and chimineas are great accents for the backyard and can also be used for outdoor cooking over a fire. Unfortunately, due to the smoke, they are not intended to be used under a covered porch or gazebo if you intend to actually place active fires in them.

patio ideasOn clear nights, with a bonfire blazing in a nearby copper fire pit, it’s tempting to eat outdoors. Patio sets, containing a table and four chairs, can be expensive. However, there are always second-hand options. Crafty people can make secondhand patio furniture comfortable by adding personalized cushions in colorful patterns. Gardeners can eat dinner by firelight with a beautiful background of tulips and other spring flowers.

Many people focus on improving their gardens in the spring without any hope of enjoying them until the summer. Late spring flowers can be incredibly beautiful. Why not enjoy them? For a small investment in rain protection and a fire pit, gardeners can start enjoying their gardens months earlier.

Enjoying Your Backyard, Even On The Hottest Days of Summer

beach side resort

Turn your Backyard into a Beachside Resort

Through the long winter months, your backyard may have turned into a patchy, yellow collection of various weeds and grasses. However, as summer returns, this is an opportunity to turn that wasteland into your own getaway, a five-star resort just feet from your house. 

Think of the all the amenities of a beach resort: the warm sand, the sound of the water, the long chairs, the covered patios. These can be recreated in your backyard without too much hassle. To create a beach-like atmosphere, let’s start with the water and sand. Like visiting any resort, you can go for a 1-star atmosphere or a 5-star atmosphere. It would be possible to transform your backyard into a pool with sand along the edges. But let’s stick with the cheaper options here, aiming for a 3-star resort atmosphere. 


sandIt’s easy to buy sand in bulk. Sand is available at any home improvement store. They will even give you tips on how to create a play-sand area. You won’t have to tell them that its for the grownups. Then, in your own backyard, you can dig your feet into the sand, feel the sun on your face, close your eyes and image the sound of waves crashing. 


poolWhile you might not be able to re-create waves crashing in your backyard, there are other options. Part of the appeal of a beach resort is the ability to wade through the water, with the hot sun on your back and cool water around your calves. This is possible to replicate with a small plastic wading pool. If you’re a more adventurous type, a collection of duct-taped garbage bags with a hose running over them can become a mini-water park in your backyard.


pool chairsThose long, lounging pool chairs always make people think of a resort on the ocean. But those chairs are available to purchase for the rest of us as well. To save money, you can check out Craiglist for old patio furniture. There are also do-it-yourself options. With a chair buried in the sand and the sound of hose water filling your pool, you’re on your way to enjoying your backyard resort. 


shade sailAlthough the sun is a staple of summer, one of the best things about resorts is the ability to escape it. Those giant sun-stopping umbrellas are everywhere. Your backyard resort can have those too. But, the real resorts have employees that put up and take down the umbrellas everyday. You can save yourself some time by purchasing a more permanent option, a shade sail (like the ones we saw on our vacation in France by String a shade sail across your porch or between two trees and you’ll have a permanent sun escape for the whole summer.

Sure, it’s always fun to go to a beach resort. But some summers are better spent in your own backyard. Why not mesh the two, and create a beach retreat, complete with sand, water, chairs and shade, only a few feet away from your house?